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4 Popular Myths About Washing Your Car When It’s Raining

It's always best to wash your car every so often. But sometimes, when people see rain clouds looming over the horizon, they tend to hold off their plans to wash their car. But what's the big deal about washing your car in the rain, anyway? Truth be told, there are quite a few misconceptions about washing your car while it's raining that many people still believe. And we're here to debunk these popular myths.

Myth 1: The Rain Will Only Get Your Car Dirty Again

While you may be afraid of washing your car when it's raining out because you think the rain will get all the hard work you put into washing it out, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to get it done because of this. The truth of the matter is that washing your car even in light rain will still clean your car. The moisture won't leave your car covered in dirt, and it might actually leave your car cleaner than before. So don't hold back on washing your car because of fear.

Myth 2: The Rain Will Damage Your Car Paint

Many people believe that washing your car in the rain will cause it to become damaged. This is because they believe that the rain will hit your car's paint and cause it to become chipped or damaged in some way. But this is certainly not the case. There is no evidence to support this idea, and if anything, you should wash your car in the rain to help prevent it from becoming damaged.

Myth 3: The Rain Will Drown Your Car’s Mirrors

This is one of the most common myths about washing your car in the rain. Many people believe that if you wash your car during rain, the water will come into your car through your mirrors and flood your car's cabin. But this is actually a misconception. The water will not go through the car's mirrors and into the car. Instead, the water stays on your car because the mirrors are designed to direct it away. So the water will naturally run right off the car.

Myth 4: Rainwater Will Leave Water Spots on Your Car

Many people believe that rainwater will cause water spots on your car. They believe that the water will sit on your car and create these unsightly spots. However, this is hardly the case. The chances of rainwater creating water spots on your car are very low. The water will simply run off the car and you'll be able to enjoy a clean car at the end of your wash. The water will not pool in one area and cause water spots.

Final Thoughts

Washing your car during the rain is a great way to get it clean. You don't want to miss out on washing your car in the rain because of fear. While these myths may have previously held you back from washing your car, you don't need to live in fear anymore. Your car is sure to look amazing after its rain wash!

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