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When It Comes to Chrome on a Car, Cleaning Is Crucial

Chrome on cars is a component that's relatively common for classic and modern cars alike. It's an addition that gives the car a unique look and feel. This makes it a breath of fresh air amidst the sea of similar vehicles that can start to look like clones.

When chrome on a car is not maintained properly, it can be more of a problem than a solution. The metal can end up affected by various contaminants such as rusting, watermarks, general dullness and scratching, among others.

It's possible for a car to look like an aged, rusty "junk bucket" if chrome just gets too far gone. This is where cleaning and maintaining chrome is crucial.

How Can The Chrome On A Car Be Cleaned Best?

1 - Start With the Surface

A great way to clean the surface of chrome is by using a microfiber cloth and some soapy water. Cleaning chrome should be done separately from washing the rest of the car. When you clean the chrome, you should keep in mind that it is different from other parts of your car.

Afterwards, the water has to be dried off so that no soap or water is left. It could lead to watermarks that will be incredibly difficult to remove in the future. There may be certain aspects of marring left on the car that wasn't addressed by the wash.

When that happens, going above cloth and taking on a more abrasive approach is ideal. A scrub ninja, for example, may do better than other means. Removing tougher stains on chrome will likely get done well enough that way.

If there is fallout or tar on chrome, then tar remover is in order. It will immediately handle tarmac that's stuck on chrome alongside fallout from the road. Using this with a magic sponge or microfibre cloth for extra power will be ideal.

2 - Bring Out the Metal Polish

In some instances, the chrome may be visually worse for wear, and it's looking scratched, faded, or marked. In that case, a good metal polish will do the trick. The average enthusiast should take on two dry microfibre cloths.

One should have the metal polish applied to it, rubbing into the chrome with medium pressure. Once it's been worked in, leave the polish to sit for a few minutes before wiping the remains away with the other cloth.

Take note that this will not be perfect, but a significant difference in the car's chrome will manifest in both look and feel. For a better result, metal polish may have to be applied twice, especially if the chrome was already in bad shape.

3 - Seal It All Up

It should be noted at this point that metal polish does not protect chrome for longer than a day or so at best. A sealant will be vital to keeping chrome looking great over a long-term period.


Chrome is incredibly helpful for cars. However, it has to be cleaned, polished, and maintained to continue doing more good than any harm to vehicles. Cleaning is best done by starting with the surface using metal polish and applying sealant.

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