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Privacy Notice – Secure Group Limited

Secure Group Limited is committed to ensuring that we protect and respect your privacy. This policy identifies the underlying principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and information in use by Secure Group Limited and establishes the ethos for usage and best practice by staff at all levels by which they are preserved.

This policy covers any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us and how that personal data will be processed.

The Data Controller is David Scott, Secure Group Limited, 8 Marlborough Road, Colmworth Business Park, Eaton Socon, PE19 8YP.

Secure Group Limited is committed to ensuring that all staff members have sufficient awareness of the legislation in order to be able to anticipate and identify a data protection issue, should one arise. In such circumstances, staff members must ensure that the Data Controller is informed, in order that appropriate corrective action is taken.

Information we collect from you and how do we use personal information

We use information we collect about you:-

  • To carry out our legal obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and us

• To provide you with information about other goods and services we offer


For data to be obtained fairly, the data subject, at the time the data is being collected, will be made

aware of:

  • The identity of the data controller

  • The purpose for which the data is being collected

  • Any other information that is necessary so that the processing may be fair


Secure Group Limited will meet this obligation in the following way:

  • Where possible, the informed consent of the data subject will be sought before their data is processed;

• Where it is not possible to seek consent, Secure Group Limited will ensure that collection of the data is justified under one of the other lawful processing conditions – legal obligation, contractual necessity, etc.
• Processing of personal data will be carried out only as part of Secure Group Limited’s lawful activities and it will safeguard the rights and freedoms of the data subject
• The data subject’s data will not be disclosed to a third party other than to a party contracted to Secure Valeting and operating on its behalf, or where Secure Group Limited is required to do so by law

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

We require a legal basis in order to process your personal data. Any data we process is because we either have a contract with you (or you wish to obtain a contract with us), we have a legal obligation to do so, or because it is a legitimate activity.

Secure Group Limited will obtain data for purposes which are specific, lawful and clearly stated. A data subject will have the right to question the purpose for which Secure Group Limited holds their data and it will be able to clearly state that purpose or purposes.

Any use of the data by Secure Group Limited will be compatible with the purposes for which the data was acquired.

When do we share personal data?

We may share your information with selected third parties including:

  • Business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors for the performance of any contract that we may enter into

  • In-Sync Tax LLP an Accountancy and Tax service provider who provide tax advice to self- employed franchisees

How do we secure personal data?

Secure Group Limited will employ high standards of security in order to protect the personal data under its care. Secure Valeting Limited Password Policy and Data Retention & Destruction Policies guarantee protection against unauthorised access to, or alteration, destruction or disclosure of any personal data held by Secure Valeting Limited in its capacity as data controller.

Access to, and management of, staff and customer records is limited to those staff members who have appropriate authorisation and password access.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

Secure Group Limited has identified an extensive matrix of data categories, with reference to the appropriate data retention period for each category. The matrix applies to data in both a manual and automated format.

Once the respective retention period has elapsed, undertakes to destroy, erase or otherwise put this data beyond use.


Your rights in relation to personal data

Secure Group Limited has implemented a Subject Access Request procedure by which to manage such requests in an efficient and timely manner, within the timelines stipulated in the legislation

As part of the day-to-day operation of the organization, Secure Group Limited staff engages in active and regular exchanges of information. Where a valid, formal request is submitted in relation to the personal data held by Secure Group Limited which relates to them, such a request gives rise to access rights in favour of the Data Subject.

At its own discretion, Secure Group Limited may charge a maximum administrative fee of £10.00 in order to process such requests.


There are specific time-lines within which Secure Group Limited must respond to an enquiry, depending on the nature and extent of the request. These are outlined in the Subject Access Request process document.


Secure Group Limited staff will ensure that such requests are forwarded to the Data Controller in a timely manner and they are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, but within not more than 40 calendar days from receipt of the request.

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