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How Contract Valeting Beat Parking Issues in the Urban Jungle

Parking has become a significant problem for urban dwellers. If you are a manager of a hotel or apartment complex, this can be one of your primary sources of headaches. You have to deal with the issue of not having enough parking space.

This problem goes on top of your other responsibilities, so why not engage in contract valeting? Doing so will solve your building’s parking problem. Keep reading and take this time to learn more about the service.

Luxurious Convenience

Here is a real-world example of a hotel that has valet parking. Your guests are spared the trouble of looking for parking. They can enjoy the great experience of an urban vacation. They do not have to worry about having a parking lot far away from the hotel they are staying in.

Valet parking is convenient because the parking is done for your guests. There is no need for them to go around looking for parking. They can go inside the hotel or apartment building and enjoy their stay.

Contract valeting is also convenient for you. Most of the time, you also do not have to worry about the parking problem in your area. The residents of your building can also enjoy the convenience of valet parking.

You will not have to worry about them going around and looking for parking. You can be assured that they will not have to fear that the parking lot is too far.


Parking is not just a matter of convenience but also an incentive. As a hotel or apartment complex manager, you know that each guest has different needs and desires. Taking them to a place where they can always get a parking space is an incentive for them to come and stay in your hotel or apartment complex.

You can also provide valet service as an incentive to your building’s residents and change their mindset from parking around the side of the building to using valet service.

Providing parking is one way of giving them an incentive. As an example, a guest who has stayed at one of your properties will be more likely to come back if you offer them a valet parking service. It is great because they have a special place to park when they come back and that is in your hotel.

The service is also an incentive for those who are not staying with you. If you offer valet parking services, your guests can come over and enjoy your hospitality. They do not need to worry about the trouble of finding parking when they come.

As a manager, you should always try to give your guests an incentive to come back. Valet parking is one way of doing this. You can also offer a concierge desk or even a restaurant or bar.

Customer Satisfaction

One important thing that every business owner should know is that customer satisfaction is critical in a business. If you are stuck in a problem, you should try all means to solve it.

You do not want to give your customers a bad experience. It would help if you were on top of everything. If you are running a hotel, for example, you will have a lot of people coming in and out of your establishment every day. It is essential to provide them with what they need to have a great experience.

Having contract valeting is a way to be on top of things. You do not want to deal with the headache of not having enough parking spaces in your area. People can experience a wonderful urban vacation in your hotel or apartment complex if they have the convenience of valet parking.


You can solve the parking problems in the building you’re managing through contract valeting. It is highly recommended that you engage in contract valet service especially if you’re dealing with a large hotel or apartment complex. You can also provide this service to apartment or condominium complexes.

You should tap on Secure Group for your contract valeting needs. Together, we will make your properties the prime lots in any highly urbanised area. Contact us for more information.


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