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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Vehicle Inspections

Contract valeting has been beneficial for various businesses, helping save time and enjoying the services of skilled professionals. However, not every valeting company can meet or exceed expectations. Although many valeting companies promise to provide everything you need, not all of them can offer more than valeting and driving.

If you’re looking for an ideal valeting company, we suggest working with one that not only provides valeting but also inspection! A great valeting company should inspect vehicles using the best tools available, such as digital vehicle inspections (DVIs).

By implementing digitisation in vehicle inspections, you’ll be able to enjoy streamlined processes and efficient services. However, although DVI is becoming more common in the industry, many workshops and businesses still don’t understand what it is and how important it is.

Read on below to learn why DVI is an essential factor to consider when looking for a valeting company.

What Is a Digital Vehicle Inspection?

Implementing digital vehicle inspections is more than joining the bandwagon—this tool offers an easy way of inspecting vehicles without much hassle, guaranteeing the best service! Unlike using paper to help with vehicle inspections, digital vehicle inspections involve using a tablet device to record the results of an inspection.

When you use the best digital inspection software, you can save yourself the effort of organising the inspection results and recommendations. The software will automatically store necessary data directly to the customer’s profile.

Why a DVI Is Good for Business

When looking for a valeting company, the first thing to consider is safety—it’s crucial to avoid as many problems as possible to ensure that everything goes smoothly. When a valet company offers DVIs, you’re sure to be in good hands, as their people are well equipped with the best devices to carry out digital inspections.

Through a digital vehicle inspection, you can:

1. Avoid Paper Problems

Various shops and valeting companies have been doing inspections on paper. Paper-based inspections have long been the ideal method of getting the job done, but it’s also prone to mistakes and problems.

Disappearing clipboards and illegible handwriting could significantly affect the service provided to customers, leading to lost money! To avoid risks and the additional costs of paper, ink cartridges, and printer servicing, it’s best to digitalise vehicle inspections.

2. Full Transparency

The results of an inspection aren’t always easy to understand. However, you won’t need to exchange many words thanks to images and videos, as the visuals say everything there is to know.

By showing what needs to be replaced and repaired through pictures, the repair professionals will be able to spend more time doing their work, and you’ll have peace of mind. With as few words as possible, you can build a beneficial relationship with the auto shop filled with trust!

3. Convenience and Swift Service

The best thing about DVIs is that you won’t have to meet the vehicle inspector in person since the completed reports will be automatically sent to you via email or text! Through DVI, you can complete the process digitally, saving you time and effort.


Vehicle inspections can be a hassle, but with digital vehicle inspections, you’ll be able to complete the inspection sooner than you expect! With the convenience and accuracy DVIs provide, it’s becoming more apparent that this is the better option for vehicle inspections.

If you’re looking for the best vehicle support services, you can rely on our team at Secure Group! We are more than a valeting company—our company has evolved over the last 20 years and now provides a wide array of auto services. Connect with us today to learn more!


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