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What Should You Expect from a Full Valet Car Service?

Car washes do not get much better than a full valet service. As the name implies, this service should clean your car entirely, bringing it back to its original showroom shine.

Now, the full valet is undoubtedly a step above the regular valet. Let's take a look at what you can expect from a full valet car service.

1) Full Exterior Wash

As the name suggests, a full valet clean should include a full wash of your car's exterior. This can include washing the roof and the windshield at the very least – some valet services may include a wheel clean and polish, which is definitely a bonus.

Some services even include a shampoo, which will help to clean your car's interior as well as the exterior. If your car's interior feels pretty grimy, this can be a great way to make a real difference.

2) Spot Removal

In the same way that a regular valet will remove mud, dirt or stains from your car's exterior, a full valet service should also clean your car's interior too. This can include removing stains from the carpet, dashboard and door handles, as well as cleaning up spills or sticky drink rings.

As well as cleaning up spills, a full valet should include a vacuum of the interior, helping to bring your car's interior back to life. If your car's interior has been drier than a desert, a full valet can be a real treat.

3) Interior Vacuum

Full valet service should include an interior vacuum.

Although it can be hard to believe, a full valet service should also include a vacuum of your car's interior. Just like the exterior, your car's interior can become quite grimy after a few months, but it is often overlooked by the car wash staff.

A vacuum of the interior is a great way to freshen up your car's interior, helping to remove dust and dirt from the door panels and dashboard, as well as the seats and carpet.

4) Leather Cleaning

Many car services do not clean leather, but a full valet service should include leather cleaning.

One thing that many valet services tend to overlook is leather cleaning. If your interior is full of leather, this should be a great service to take advantage of.

A full valet leather clean should include leather cleaning, giving your leather seats and steering wheel a good clean. This can help to give your leather seats the clean that they deserve.

5) Window Cleaning and Buffing

Full valet service should include a respectable exterior clean, including a thorough window clean and buff.

One of the most important components of full valet service is a clean window. While dirt and grime may not be able to be removed from the glass itself, it is possible to buff the windows to a high sheen.

A clean window will help to give your car a great shine, which can make a big difference to both the interior and exterior of your car.


Make sure to take advantage of a full valet if you can, as it will ensure that your car's interior and exterior are both cleaned to a high standard.

If you are planning an upcoming event and need a full valet car service, Secure Group can help. We offer event valeting, and we take good care of any guest's vehicle. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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