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Why You Should Hire Temporary Staff During the Holidays

The holidays can be an extremely busy time for businesses. Its hectic nature is already stressful as it is, but this can be compounded even more by the fact that many employees are likely on cvacation during this time. As any business knows, being understaffed and overbooked can result in a messy cocktail that doesn’t end well.

Thankfully, this is where seasonal workers come in. You can hire reliable employees that are trained to handle your clients during the season so that your holiday cheer doesn’t have to turn into a cavalcade of noise and panic. Whether you need more servers, on-site valeting, or a cleaning crew, you can definitely reap numerous benefits from a temporary holiday crew.

Focused Skill Sets

When you hire holiday staff, they are likely to bring expertise that can improve your own operations. Because they are more attuned to specific tasks, you can gather a lot of insight and benefit from quantifiable results. You actually have more room to entertain talent that is particularly adept in the services you need for the duration of your contract.

Flexible Employment

One of the hardest things to figure out with staff management is scheduling. Shifts are set and have a lot of adjustments when things need to move, workers may suddenly quit or be absent, and workloads can already be too full to fulfill the necessary requirements.

With temporary workers, you can arguably hire them at any point and set the schedules and duration of your contract. This also helps to fill in any gaps in the schedule and compensate for any lost productivity.

Increased Productivity

Speaking of productivity, you’ll find that there can be a significant increase in productivity when hiring holiday staff. For starters, your full-time workers get their much-needed breaks and don’t feel overworked. This can boost their morale and, in turn, increase their engagement and level of motivation.

On the other hand, your temporary staff are also likely to have high levels of performance because they are prepped for the contract and only have a limited period of work.

Potential Team Expansion

This is not meant to encourage poaching workers if they’re from existing teams, of course. However, it gives you a good way to scout out great talent out there. You can pick up connections to network for new hires, and you can even take on any independent contractors full-time if they meet your criteria.

Even if you don’t hire from your pool of temporary workers, having them during their contract period can give you more leeway to keep searching for potential full-timers without as much urgency.

Cost-Efficient Hiring

With training, benefits, salary, and even turnover costs to cover, hiring employees full-time can be very expensive. So, if you need those hands on deck but don’t want to hurt your budget plan, temporary employees may be more cost-effective. Just make sure you consider their hourly or contract rates and compare them with your usual payroll costs.


As long as you pick a reliable source for hiring and you do your ample research, there is really no harm in hiring temporary workers for the holidays. As noted above, it can even prove to be a major boon during the season. These benefits increase even more for business models that have a more transient nature.

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