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How to Pick Between a Hand Car Washer or Using a Valet

When you’re in need of some vehicle cleaning, there are numerous options you can choose from. Although you must consider several factors to decide what kind of service to hire, two viable options for travellers and busy individuals. These two are hand car washing and professional valets.

If you’re not sure about what puts one over the other, go through the following steps to figure out which fits your needs and preferences best.

Consider the Cleaning Technique You Prefer

These services don’t necessarily use the same technique, so it’s always best to ask the specific company or individual what cleaning methods and products they use before letting anything touch your vehicle.

A hand car wash will likely make use of pump sprayers to get rid of traffic film. This is a more reliable solution that can get rid of persistent grime, but it can also potentially strip away protective layers of wax.

On the other hand, a valet will use fewer tools but will be less likely to damage your car with harsh chemicals and intense equipment. They should also be working on your car only if it’s been pre-rinsed or is wet. Then, they can throw in some degreasers and the like.

Ask Which Products They Use

You’ll want to ask what products the service you are eyeing uses. After all, some car washers simply reuse water and liquid solutions from previous jobs. Although this is technically more environmentally friendly, it can decidedly put you off of the option.

A big thing to check is the type of shampoo or soap used, too. It may seem like anything will do for the job, but you need to ensure that your shampoo is neutral enough to protect your vehicle without damaging the top layer. A hand car wash will usually use the same efforts for every car, but a car valet will take the specifics of your situation into account.

Base It On Your Interiors

Car interiors can get dirty and build up a lot of junk and grime. Analyse the interior design and layout of your car when picking a service. This way, you can see whether or not the service you want will help keep the space clean and presentable.

Check if your chairs are made from leather or some type of fabric, as this can determine the best cleaning method for interiors. A car valet is trained in managing daily necessities and using the right finishes and wax touches. On top of that, they will go for deep cleaning.

Think About the Time It Takes

When you’re getting your car cleaned by a hired service, it’s really a matter of convenience and efficiency. A car valet will likely come to you as opposed to you having to visit a wash space, making that the more convenient option. You are also guaranteed to receive a full and thorough cleanup.

However, hand car wash services tick the box of efficiency in terms of speed. If you’re in a hurry and know where you can get this service done anyway, you can quickly drive through and get what you need in around ten minutes. This can even be shorter, and the longest you’ll likely have to sit around is fifteen minutes.


At the end of the day, it’s really about what matches your situation best. You can still pick one over the other as you please, but it’s good to base your decision on priorities. After all, car cleaning is an essential part of vehicle maintenance and keeping your car looking its best.

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