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5 Reasons Why Car Owners Need to Apply Wax to Automobiles

One of a car owner's responsibilities is to ensure that their vehicle’s paint job stays on for long. As the car’s paintwork acts as a protective coating for the vehicle, it is subject to various environmental factors such as extreme sunlight and rain, which may cause premature damage to the overall layer.

Therefore, as a preventive measure, car owners should apply wax to their automobiles to protect the paintwork and help it last longer. But what are the common reasons car owners should re-apply wax on their vehicles? Here are some examples.

1. If the Car is Often Used

For most people, the car is helpful for daily travel, which often involves going to and from work and school. As the vehicle is often used, it is prone to wear and tear and becomes more susceptible to environmental factors that may affect the paint.

One common reason car owners should re-apply wax is when the vehicle has been exposed to extreme heat. The paint job is covered with wax, which helps protect the automobile from heat.

2. If the Car Owner Uses Harsh Chemicals for Washing

Although car owners may clean their vehicles with a car wash, they should consider using mild detergents as they will not affect the car’s wax coat. However, some car owners prefer to use harsh chemicals to ensure that their vehicle’s paint job is thoroughly cleaned. As harsh detergents can remove all contaminants on the car, it is up to the car owner if they want to take this risk.

3. If the Water Used for Cleaning is Hard Water

During rain, water becomes dirty as it picks up dust from the environment. When rainwater is used for cleaning, the car’s paint will likely be affected as contaminants such as minerals become trapped in the wax layer.

As the wax layer becomes thinner, as a result, the paint protection offered by the car’s wax coat becomes weaker. Therefore, it is better to use clear water to clean the car’s exterior to reduce the risks of damaging the wax coat.

4. If the Previous Wax Applied Has a Poor Quality

Wax is an excellent product as it can protect the automobile’s paintwork. However, like any other product available, the quality can be compromised if the wax has been poorly manufactured or formulated.

Therefore, if the car owner’s previous waxing is not durable and the paint is easily susceptible to scratching or chipping from dirt and other contaminants, it is recommended to re-apply wax.

5. If the Paint Was Chemically-Treated Recently

Chemical treatment is often used to improve the look of the car’s paintwork. But, because of the chemicals involved, the rust-protective layer may not be restored. As the paint protection offered by the wax coat becomes thinner, it is best to re-apply wax to prevent the car’s paint from being damaged.


As a car owner, it is recommended to re-apply wax now and then, mainly if the vehicle is often used. Although applying wax is not a difficult task, it requires time and effort to ensure that the car’s paint is protected from the elements. For first-time car owners, it is recommended to follow the wax product's instructions, as it will allow you to apply wax more effectively and efficiently.

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