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Would It Be Best to Start Cleaning a Car From the Inside?

Over time, dirt, dust, and grime build up on your car's exterior and interior. This accumulation tends to affect the overall appearance of the vehicle. Also, the build-up would reduce the car's value and make it more vulnerable to the elements.

It is essential to clean your vehicle regularly. While car wash services are convenient, many automobile owners prefer to clean their vehicles.

Starting with the interior would allow the detailer to check the cleanliness of the car's interior before applying the products. While starting with the exterior provides an opportunity to pressure wash and clean the car's body thoroughly. The ultimate decision will depend on the car's condition, the severity of its interior, the weather, and the car's owner.

This article will discuss what to consider in car cleaning, whether it starts in the interior or exterior.

1. Car Condition

The car's condition should be considered when determining the best method to clean a car. A comprehensive detailing may not be necessary if the vehicle is brand new, just out of the showroom.

But if the car has not been used for an extended period, the dirt and grime may have accumulated to the point that a full detailing would be too much. The condition of your vehicle will have a decisive effect on its cleaning.

For instance, the process will be complicated if you are cleaning a car that has not been cleaned in a long time. This is especially when cleaning the car's interior.

2. Severe Grime

What is the condition of the car's exterior? Is there severe grime? Are there hard-to-reach areas in the car's trunk you are unsure how to clean? If the answer is yes, then it is best to clean the exterior first.

Applying a cleaner on a dirty exterior will only lift dirt and grime, while the grime-resistant chemicals will help finish the job. Using a cleaner will restore the natural shine of the car's exterior.

3. Owner Preference

Some owners prefer to clean the exterior first and then proceed to the interior. Some reverse that order. The decision is up to the owner.

There is no wrong decision, simply what is more convenient from the owner's point of view.

4. Weather

If it is a warm and sunny day, apply the car cleanser on the interior and the exterior, then hose it off. If it is raining or snowing or is below 40 degrees, wash the car and clean the car's body first, then clean the car's interior.

In addition, pressure washing is required to thoroughly clean the car's exterior regardless of the weather. It allows you to safely and effectively remove unwanted dirt and grime on the vehicle.

Always test a small area before applying pressure to the entire car. You may want to purchase a chemical-resistant sprayer if you intend to pressure wash the car yourself.


The decision to begin inside or outside is a matter of the car's cleanliness, value, and convenience for the owner. Ensure to clean the vehicle no matter which way you start thoroughly.

It should be done regularly, and a convenient option is to bring your car to a car wash service. You can also visit a car detailer.

Finally, regularly maintaining your car tends to enhance the car's resale value. A clean car is an excellent way to show your car's actual value.

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