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Valet Your Car: How Often Should You Do It: A Guide

Valeting your car regularly is important to keeping your vehicle in good condition. It may not always be necessary to valet your car every month, but understanding just how often you should valet your car is essential to keeping your car looking its best.

How Often Should You Valet Your Car

While there’s no definite answer to how often you should valet your car, it’s generally recommended to valet your car at least every three months or so. This can help ensure your car remains in a consistently clean condition and can help to keep the environment inside the car hygienic.

It may be necessary to valet your car more frequently, depending on several factors. If you live in a highly polluted environment, it may be necessary to valet your car more regularly to ensure it remains clean. Frequent car use can also necessitate more frequent valeting, as the interior can quickly become dirtier.

Here are three factors to consider when determining how often you should valet your car.

1. Climate and Location

When considering how often to get your car valeted, the vehicle's climate and location should be considered. If you live in a relatively mild climate, your car won't be exposed to as much wear and tear as it would in a more extreme environment, such as a coastal area prone to salt spray. As such, valeting may only be needed sometimes in a more temperate climate.

2. Frequency of Use

When you use a car often, it requires more maintenance than when used less frequently. Regularly replacing parts such as oil and filters is important for the car's well-being. To keep the car looking its best, it is recommended to get a valet service every month or two if you use the car daily, but if it is used sparingly, a valet can be done once every year or two.

3. Condition of the Car

The condition of the vehicle is significant regarding the frequency of valeting. A yearly light clean-up should suffice if the car is well-maintained and clean. On the other hand, if the car is neglected and not taken care of properly, more frequent valet sessions may be needed to keep it looking its best.

The Benefits of Valeting Your Car

Caring for your car regularly can have a major impact. Not only will it maintain its value, but it will also look fantastic. Valeting can help keep your car's exterior in tip-top condition while ensuring that the interior is kept clean and free from germs. This can be especially important if you often have passengers in your vehicle.

Valeting your vehicle regularly can make it more reliable and safe to drive. Keeping the windows, mirrors, and wheels clean will improve visibility and reduce the chances of an accident. Additionally, it can get rid of dirt and debris that can impede the functioning of its parts, increasing the car's long-term performance.


Valeting your car regularly is essential to keeping it in the best possible condition. While there’s no definite answer to how often you should valet your car, it’s generally recommended to valet at least every three months. Valeting your car can bring several aesthetic and performance benefits, ensuring it remains in the best condition and looks its best.

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